A-Plast AB are Scandinavian market leaders in the manufacture of child safety products.  A class of products that require the absolute highest quality standards. Because we are used to such standards, we apply those same standards across our whole product range and all departments in the company. We are proud of our philosophy in this and we continually monitor and strive to find even more improvements.

Our trademark A-Safety has always had the same objectives since the beginning, almost 20yrs ago.  A-Safety shall be synonymous with “Made In Sweden” quality.  To this end, we are certified to SS-EN-ISO 9001 quality standard as well as SS-EN-IS0 14001 environmental standard.


A-Plast AB’s manufacturing, supplies, products and services shall impact the indoors and outdoors environment in the smallest possible way.

Our operational procedures are designed to minimalise pollution and other environmental harms. We demand as a minimum that we are in accordance with all laws and regulations that apply to our industry.  Where possible we strive to achieve higher standards than this.

All staff and suppliers and contractors are expected to know our environmental policy and apply those same high standards in their work for us.

Älghult , October 2013

Alexander Blad, Managing Director.