Child Safety

Over twenty years of development and production of child safety products.

in 1995 we established our trademark A-safety® with the goal of becoming market leaders in child safety at home in Sweden and Scandinavia.


Our products are available pre-packed either with our A-Safety® branding or with  custom branding.  We can also supply the products in bulk form for the customer to package themselves.

We have a complete range of child safety produkts, example door gates, stove protection, hearing protection, Drawer/cabinet catch, Multi latch, Corner protection , anti-slip. Ask us , we have what you need in child safety

In recent years, we have achieved good growth in the European market share.  We have developed new markets in Germany, UK, Italy and Holland

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Complete system

We have continually developed, manufactured and established new products so that today A-Safety® can offer a complete solution for child safety at home.

  • High quality
  • Solid experience
  • Fast delivery

Marketing Possibilities

Private Label is a good solution for customers who have their own child safety brand.  We can supply products with custom branding.  With our extensive knowledge of this market and it’s laws and rules and our experience of high quality production, we can proudly offer the complete service including packaging, documentation, and storage.

  • Storage with fast deliveries.
  • 80% of market share in Scandinavia.

Why Become our next distributor?

  • Our products have been successfully commercialized worldwide for over 20 years with proven results.
  • We offer top-quality products at competitive prices, and we ship anywhere in the world. (Made in Sweden)
  • Use A-Safety label or your own label
  • Easy to communicate with us, we speak English, German, Arabic and Swedish