Our extrusion department specialises in the manufacture of plastic pipes, tubes, advanced plastic profiles and sealing profiles.  We can create tools and products from your ideas and drawings using injection moulding or extrusion or a combination of the two. We use modern vision technology, 3d scanner, and X-ray technique to ensure the highest quality.


  • Advanced profile production.
  • We have possibility to apply tape directly in line.
  • Labeling, barcodes, logotype, ect.
  • Packing directly in line, in sealed bags, barcodes ect
  • Totally 21 extruder






We manufacture all types of pipes, using both soft and hard materials with fine surface finish and high precision.  Pipes can be supplied with date stamps.

  • Experts in HDPE and PP tubes and pipe production

PE pipes on drum or long length

We manufacture Polyethylene pipes (PE80 and PE100) in many different diameters

  • PE 100 and PE 80
  • Colorstripe marking
  • Inkjet marking


Snow Marker Poles

A-Plast AB is one of Scandinavia’s largest manufacturer of snow marker poles.

  • The right product at the right price.
  • Cold resistant, will not crack.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Many colour alternatives.